1. Stay minime seven days.
  2. To formalize the reserve, it’s essential to effect a deposit of 60 Euros for every parte that will be discounted from the final bill. In the supposed of that a cancellation be comunicated with 72 hours of anteriority, the cost will be given bact.
  3. Before ingressing the deposit, it is essential to fill this petition and inmediately we inform you, if you ingress is proper, for the which we indicate you the different ways to make it because, in the supossed that your arrived day the camping was complete, we should tell you the possible alternatives.
  4. The reserve guarantees you a parcel from the 13:00 hours of the dayo of your arrived until the 12:00 hours of the day of your going out.
  5. If you have not appeared personally in the Camping before 19:00 hours of the day of your arrived and you haven’t communicate your delay, we will give for cancelling your reserve without right to reclamation or return.
  6. If the client notify the same day of his arrived that he will delay his arrived in one or more days, these days will be paid by the client until to finish the anticiped money, from which the reserve should be considered concelled without right to reclamation or return.
  7. If you have your reserve confirmated and you ask for any modification in the date of your arrived you still must to ask it and its viability, will depend of our resources.