Nearby towns from Camping Siglo XXI


Capital of the province, with approximated census of 75.000 habitants and whose most interesting zone is its old zone, full of interesting things such as the Ruinas de Santo Domingo, Plaza de Diputación, Basílica de Santa María, etc…


This marine village is catalogued as an historic-artistic united, and it’s commendable a walk through its three quarters: the seigniorial of Feliñano, with a square; the centre of Cambados and the marine of Santo Tomé. Cambados has the best Galicia wine cellar of Albariño.


Our camping is situated near this population, that is formed for a small peninsula that separates geographically the Ria de Arosa and the Ria of Pontevedra. The beauty of its coast and the La Toja Island have converted it in one of the touristic center more important of Galicia. Shellfish Party, considered of National touristy interest, meets a lot of people from all places of Spain, Europe and other continents.


Very popular village because of the beauty of its landscape, its micro-clime and its beautiful beaches that there are a long of its coast. Very near to our Camping, it’s situated in Valle del Salnes, that it is converted in Summer in the touristy centre of the Rías Baixas.

Villagarcía de Arosa

Ría de Arosa capital and Santiago de Compostela’s natural harbour; it has a population of 35.000 habitants, which converts it in the eighth city of Galicia. For its geographic characteristic, it is an attraction focus for a lot of people, that chose this town to fix their residence, now first now second, or for holiday.

Villanueva de Arosa

It has a coast of 20 Km; it’s formed for great beauty beaches. It’s the birthplace of the Spanish writer Valle-Inclán, who was born in the Costa del Cuadrante, situated in the old zone of the village. A long of Ruta del Vino, with origin denomination Rías Baixas, we will meet in our walk, many wine cellars the which offer us the best of their harvests.

Santiago de Compostela

It’s situated in the centre of A Coruña province, to 260 meters up sea level and it is also the seat of Xacobeo 2004. A lot of important reliefs round the urban space: Vite Monts, Almáciga, Gozo, Viso, Melladoiro and Pedroso.
It has 10.000 habitants approximately, and besides it is the Galicia official capital.

Viana do Castelo

It is the fast important town that we meet if we go inside the bordering country, Portugal. It has fantastic places, among the which Santa Lucía temple details. It is situated in a high place, to which we recommend accessing through a special train.


It is the 2nd largest and most important city in Portugal. It has been much modernized due to the Euro 2004, but maintaining its classic touch. It has a population of approximately 1,200,000 inhabitants; Have recently built a subway with which you can see the whole city quickly. We recommend visits to the Porto wine cellars as well as a number of places that can be downloaded from the Routes.

Valença do Minho

Portuguese population located on the border with Spain, which stands out for the number of shops it has and especially for its fortress building.


Another important Portuguese city and also near the border with Spain, whose important places are especially the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus, the cathedral and Plaza de la República.