Nearby beaches Camping Siglo XXI

At only 1-2 minutes from the campsite you can find different nearby beaches. Prepare the towel and walk a couple of minutes to find unique areas of our environment. Up to 5 beaches nearby and very well connected. In addition, all are connected by the wooden boardwalk of 2,5 Km. (See surroundings).

In addition of the nearby beaches, there are also many places to visit.

The Toja Church. It’s one of the marvel of La Toja, with big hotels, because it’s whole covered for shells.

Da Lobeira Mirador, situated in Villagarcía de Arosa and that is an historic place. From it, you can see absolutely the Ría de Arosa. It’s a recommendable place for visiting. For accessing to it, you must to go up a certain number of steps from the parking.

A Lanzada beach, near to camping, has 2500 meters of length; it presents this aspect in the best days.

Cíes Islands, already recuperated of Prestige’s disaster, retake the beauty that the have always haven, and they continue being a Natural Park of Spain.

Areas beach, situated in Sanxenxo, has also a big length and it’s one of many good beaches of the zone.